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Welcome to Learning Kids Montessori Lithgow, our childcare centre is based on Dr Maria Montessori education approach, which is a unique method of educating children. With an emphasis on social, mental, physical, and intellectual growth, we are passionate about delivering caring, non-competitive and 2- 6 age group classrooms with Montessori materials. In Lithgow area, our Montessori education approach is new and unique, so if you think you might be interested in this kind of education for your child, we would love to meet you on one of the tours to show you how great Montessori can be

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Practical life

The Practical Life component of our curriculum is primarily aimed at helping children become independent, so that they do not need or actively pursue adult assistance. It is an approach that link between the child's home environment and the classroom. Our classroom involves practical life materials, which engage the children in precise movements that challenge them to focus, work uninterruptedly at their own pace, and complete a work cycle that usually results in feelings of accomplishment and confidence.


The main aim of the Sensory Field is to develop the ability to be active- minded, to maintain attention over long periods of time and to practice sharp observational capabilities. Sensory activities provide a cognitive foundation for being an autonomous, conceptual thinker and a vigilant observer. Encounter children with sensorial material from an early age are developing a sense of order and they actively seek to sort, arrange and classify their many experiences.


Language forms the core of the environmental transformation that we call civilization. We build children language skills learning with oral language and gradually takes the child to sounds and then attaching that sound to a symbol and showing a child word is made up of lots of sounds put together. We deliver several teaching approaches to encourage children to joyfully learn to read and write before primary school and structure the language curriculum for the children around their natural interests and abilities.